Project HELP Community Outreach Program

IWAM Project HELP Community Outreach Program has been a very successful venture. Since December 2016 we have donated the following:

  • To elderly individuals over age 60
    o 960 rolls of toilet tissue,
    o 290 rolls of paper towels,
    o 550 bottles of shower gel, lotion, dishwashing liquid, detergent, soap, and cleansing wipes;
  • Distributed by mail over 327 face masks, plastic gloves, and hand sanitizer; assisted with food distribution to about 289 families in partnership with The Apostolic Church Glorious Vision City of Goshen Church and
  • Assisted the Church at Bethels Family food pantry and distribution of food to low-income individuals in the community;
  • Donated 25 knit caps, gloves, and socks to 25 men and women in a homeless shelter,
  • Contributed 72 pairs of socks to a nursing home; and
  • Donated 300 rolls of tissue and 150 plastic bottles for hand sanitizer for about 275 homeless people in downtown Houston in partnership and collaboration with Hoodies 4 Healing Incorporated.

Project HELP Community Outreach Program Donated unwrapped toys

In 2022 we delivered 50 or more unwrapped toys to underprivileged children ages 8 to 11 attending a middle school in the Third Ward area of Houston, Texas who may never receive Christmas gifts.

How we serve

1260 rolls of tissue

290 rolls of paper towels

550 bottles of shower gel, detergent, and soap

327 face masks, plastic gloves, and hand sanitizer

25 knit caps, gloves, and socks

72 pairs of socks

150 plastic bottles for hand sanitizer

275 packs of cleansing wipes

200 warm blankets for elderly

Collection and Distribution of Toys for Kids

Professional Leadership Webinars and Seminars

Quarterly Membership Networking Events

Roberta Tyler Handy Mentoring and Education (EMCEE) Program

More than 75 students have expressed an interest in this program. We held a fundraising event called Grand-me’re Honors and EMCEE Awards in 2021 with more than 250 people in attendance to launch this program and bring awareness of the need to mentor young high school girls ages 14 and up. We started with three girls enrolled and receiving an award. This program is especially for young girls…we are now actively recruiting participants as the program will officially begin an eight-week sessions starting March 1, 2024. An interest meeting was held with potential participants and their parents, and applications are now being accepted. We anticipate beginning with a minimum of 10 to 15 students. EMCEE stands for Education, Mathematics, Chemistry, Engineering, Entrepreneur.

Leadership Mentoring Program

This program benefits the members of the organization as well as others in the community. We have provided leadership training and leadership opportunities to more than 472 members and individuals in sessions in the Houston Metropolitan Area community with professional speakers through our Transformational Leadership webinars, 21st Century Kingdom Leadership, Birthday celebrations and networking opportunities, one-on-one mentorship for Lifetime VIP Members, and planned and held an Economic Financial Empowerment Summit with topics such as the roles of nonprofit directors, managing your credit and becoming debt free, asset management, budgeting and time management, as well as simplified management of a nonprofit and training on investing in stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Membership Networking and Orientation event is held in March of every year, to welcome new members, teach on a leadership topic, and networking with others with twenty to thirty participants attending annually.

Family Wellness, Mental Health & Spiritual Development Program

Under this program we provided mental health counseling virtual webinar with almost 30 members attending, and distributed tips on nutritional habits as well. In addition, we held the King of Glory Prayer Summit with spiritual enrichment topics to encourage and empower members of the organization and others. Also, a spiritual growth workbook has been published to strengthen people in the community physically and emotionally.

Shirley Harrison Military Veterans Outreach Program

Pastor Shirley Harrison, Vice President, Founding Board Member, Veteran (deceased)

We delivered 40 healthcare gift bags to women patients in the Veterans Administration Hospital for this program. The women were excited to have visitors and grateful for the healthcare items. We also prayed and offered words of encouragement.